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Our goal for Grain Valley, Missouri is to ensure the economic future of our community by creating a positive development atmosphere. We feel this atmosphere will encourage investment in our community by attracting new businesses and assisting current businesses to expand.

We feel that the advantages of doing business in Grain Valley are based upon fundamental long term factors including: quality of life, work force availability, business climate, reasonable construction costs and centralized location.

Grain Valley is located just 20 miles east of Kansas City, Missouri on Interstate 70 in Jackson County, Missouri. We are one of the fastest growing communities in the state, and are showing no signs of slowing. In 1990 our population was around 1,900. By the year 2000 we had grown to over 5,000, and current estimates are that we have exceeded 12,000 in population and are continuing to expand. Other communities surrounding Grain Valley have also experienced phenomenal growth.

We are constantly developing new properties. Our current projects will incorporate retail, office space, recreational facilities and parkways. We believe your business could fit well into the community and flourish like the others are doing at this time.

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